What Are MIIPs? / Moderate Sedation

What is moderate sedation?

Moderate sedation is medicine prescribed by your doctor to help you relax and keep you comfortable during your procedure.

How is moderate sedation given to me?

The nurse will place an IV, which is a small plastic tube in your vein to give you the moderate sedation medicine.

Will I fall asleep after I am given the moderate sedation?

You might fall asleep but you will wake up easily if your nurse says your name or if the doctor asks you to take a deep breath.

What happens during the procedure when I am given moderate sedation?

Before giving moderate sedation or beginning the procedure, your nurse will hook you up to a monitor in order to monitor you heart rate, blood pressure, breathing and oxygen level. During the procedure, the nurse will ask if you are ok or if you are having pain.

Do I need someone to come with me and drive me home after being given moderate sedation?

Yes, you will need someone to come with you and drive you home. It is not safe for you to drive for 24 hours after being given moderate sedation.

What are the side effects of moderate sedation?

After being given moderate sedation, you might feel these side effects:

  • You might not remember the procedure
  • Upset stomach
  • Sick to your stomach
  • Feel tired or sleepy
  • Headache
  • Dizzy 

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