We produce multi-media resources to engage the public and clinicians about Minimally Invasive Image-guided Procedures (MIIPs). These include engaging infographics and short videos as well as our docu-series Without a Scalpel.  We are also developing clinical tools to support informed decision making about MIIPs, such as our new Patient Decision Aid initiative.


Without a Scalpel is a documentary series exploring the impact of MIIPs on people's lives. Each episode focuses on a specific health problem, following the experiences of real people the specialized doctors performing these incredible, cutting-edge procedures.

The Without a Scalpel series is a two-time winner of the 2018 Telly Awards and is currently distributed on 11 streaming platforms.


The Interventional Initiative is devoted to patient / public education and engagement. We are working to raise awareness and access to MIIPs via engaging infographics and short videos.

We also have a section of our website for patients, families, and the general public to explore the incredible world of MIIPs and how such a procedure could help them or a loved one.


Informed consent is at the core of the patient-clinician relationship; however, studies suggest people often feel that they do not get enough information to make an informed decision. This can be particularly challenging for MIIPs since many people have never of these procedures.

This is why we are creating handouts and other informational tools to augment consent conversations. These tools are evidence-based, written in plain language, and vetted by clinicians and patients.

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