Content to assist clinicians with educating and informing patients about their minimally-invasive, image-guided treatment options.

• Content vetted by clinicians and patients

• Customized post-procedure instructions

• Easy-to-digest supporting visuals

• Written in plain language


Use of Visuals

The use of high-quality graphics in educational materials provides a significant benefit to patients by summarizing content into easier to process concepts. Visuals offer more comprehensibility than text-based or only audio explanations.

Written in Plain Language

Most people may find health care terms and instructions challenging to understand. The II’s patient decision aids are written without complex medical jargon and at the appropriate adult health literacy level.

Promotes Trust and Education

Visual communication tools can help to improve clinician-patient relationships by effectively educating patients about the methods, risks, and benefits of minimally invasive, image-guided procedures.

Includes Cultural Specificity & Reduced Language Barriers

The II’s patient decision aids are developed with multicultural graphics and multiple translations. Many studies have demonstrated that patients are more likely to engage with culturally-sensitive materials, leading to a greater retention of knowledge about the content.


Vetted Content

The Interventional Initiative decision aids have been vetted by multiple interventionalists and diverse patient groups to ensure the content is balanced, accurate, and comprehensible. The aids were developed by professionals with formal training to ensure the content is ethically and legally sound.

Co-branded Materials

The Interventional Initiative decision aids can be ordered with your organization’s logo and contact information or be utilized as is with the Interventional Initiative branding.

Catalog with Color-coded Procedure Reference

Patient Decision Aids for each procedure are color-coded and organized into procedure categories, allowing for easy identification (IO, MSK, GI/GU) and online ordering.

Customized Post Procedure Forms

Clinicians can add patient- specific details to post procedure instructions including the name and contact of the clinician, follow up visit date, or other special instructions.


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