In the mid 1900’s, doctors diagnosed many diseases by injecting special dye into the blood vessels and taking moving x-rays. Most patients went on to have surgery, as there were no alternatives.

Then, one day, Dr. Charles Dotter (an Interventional Radiologist) had a very big idea...and it changed everything. Dotter had the radical notion that he could do more than just see the problem...once inside the body, he could fix it. And in 1964, he did just that. This was the beginning of a revolution in medicine towards treating disease with Minimally-Invasive, Image-guided (MIIP) approaches ..... Without a Scalpel. 

Today, MIIPs can be done as an alternative to surgery or to assist with surgery or sometimes when there is no surgical option at all. MIIPs can treat a wide range of diseases including cancer, stroke, aneurysms, blocked blood vessels, infections, infertility and other women's health conditions, pediatric diseases, and trauma. But, what if you or a family member were ill but did not know your treatment options? In fact, most people have never heard of MIIPs, even if one could save their life. 

Watch this 3:11 min. video about Dr. Dotter and the first patient ever treated with MIIPs. 

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