When we meet 27-year-old Rachel, an Orion spacecraft engineer in Denver, it is the morning of her procedure - one that may not work. No doctor has been able to help her. The main veins in her thighs and abdomen have been scarred shut for years, causing leg swelling that limits her activities. Since recently marrying her college sweetheart Greg, they have dreamt about having a baby…but her condition makes pregnancy too dangerous. Dr. Brooke Spencer takes on her case, the worst she has ever seen. Through pinholes, Dr. Spencer works to tunnel through the blocked veins to open them.


In San Diego, Margarita (72) comes to the ER with blocked leg arteries causing her toes to turn purple and black. Margarita is the matriarch of a large family of hard-working Mexican-Americans. After her husband died, she brought their three young children to the US in search of a better life. We meet her dedicated daughter, a teacher, and her son, the proud owner of a café named after his mother. They kiss her good-bye as she is wheeled in for a procedure performed by Dr. Gregg Alzate.

"Modern day minimally invasive procedures are so sophisticated and change so rapidly that even the most astute primary physician has a hard time keeping up. The Interventional Initiative provides information about these treatment options in a way that is understandable to the public and helps raise awareness of patient options. People have the right to make informed decisions about their personal health care."  

—E. Brooke Spencer, MD, Vice Chair of the Board


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